When shopping for a diamond or diamond jewellery most people base their purchase decision solely on the appearance of the diamond. Before purchasing it is extremely important to come equipped with some basic background knowledge regarding diamonds.

The 4 c’s

Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat. Understand exactly what you are purchasing.

This 4 minute video that explains the 4Cs and how GIA grades diamonds.

View the GIA 4C brochure that is designed to address questions you may have about the 4Cs and the diamond grading process.

GIA Grading Report

An answer to the most common question: How do I read a GIA grading report?

This 3 minute video that explains how to read a GIA grading report.

For more information on Grading Reports and to view sample reports visit the GI education website:


Now that you know what to look for in a diamond, where do you go?

A trip to the nearest mall or a diamond retailer might come to mind. The average person does not even consider conducting research before deciding to purchase a diamond or jewellery.

Most enjoy the convenience of a traditional retailer as you generally get to walk away from the store with your purchase in hand – so long as you are buying regular inventory. Although walking down to your nearest diamond retailer may seem like a wise decision, individuals should be prepared to pay anywhere from 80% – 200% mark up, depending on the brand and retailer. When you shop at ANY retail store you are paying a premium for their branded products.

Unless you are a trained gemologist, you are not likely able to distinguish one diamond from the next. Many assume that all diamond retailers carry the best diamonds on the market but are shocked to find out that this is far from the truth. One thing you must understand is that retailers have high over-head costs (retail space, branding, staff etc.,) therefor must mark their products up a significant amount to account for this.

Our goal at SLS Jewellers is to provide our clients with in-depth education and honest guidance about buying diamonds. We are motivated to provide the best customer service, which entails educating our clients about the importance of diamond education.

GIA’s  interactive tool offers an informative and engaging 4Cs educational experience.

Including interactive 4Cs scales and videos, the Complete 4Cs Interactive Tool can help you learn about the 4Cs of diamond quality.

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Launch GIA's Interactive Tool